Anyone who worked at Disney Feature Animation over the past forty years knew who Vance Gerry was. Very few actually got to see his work before it was shipped off to the archives.

Fortunately, the geek in me started making copies of his work and instead of sitting in a folder in my personal archive I want to share these drawings with as many people as possible. If you look long enough at these drawings and paintings you will be able to see the kind, funny, humble and generous man that was Vance Gerry.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vance was not in the habit of signing his drawings. I had to press him to sign this sketch for ALADDIN. I'll add this signature to all the drawings I post here.


  1. Ed thanks so much for sharing your recollections of the great Vance with all of us. I miss him a lot and tho I am grateful I got to know him a bit, I wish I had known him better still.

    Somewhere I have some bits and pieces of Vance's as well. When I find them I will scan them and sent them your way.


  2. I agree, Will. There were so many talented veterans at Disney who never pushed for attention. However, they were nice enough to share their experiences and mentor younger guys.

    I owe Vance a great debt of gratitude for the things he taught me.