Anyone who worked at Disney Feature Animation over the past forty years knew who Vance Gerry was. Very few actually got to see his work before it was shipped off to the archives.

Fortunately, the geek in me started making copies of his work and instead of sitting in a folder in my personal archive I want to share these drawings with as many people as possible. If you look long enough at these drawings and paintings you will be able to see the kind, funny, humble and generous man that was Vance Gerry.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can I Keep It?

Peter's Mother won't let him have a cat and the Maid thinks cats are worse than having little boys around the house.


  1. Hi! I like your blog very much, Ed. Thanks for sharing Vance Gerry's work. Anyway... Would it be possible if you could show us Gerry's material from classic Disney Films (like The Rescuers, The fox and the hound, The sword in the stone). I like very much the few ones I could see in The Illusion of life. Sorry for my English, Ed! I'm not used to "use" it. These two drawings remind me in some way the Quentin Blake style. I know they are Gerry's. It's just an opinion.

  2. What I have I aquired during the time I shared a room with Vance. I've asked others to share what they've collected over the years so if I come across anything else I'll be sure to post it.


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